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    Geoff Leff

    Hi Tomasz,

    Up till now i’ve been using the tweet now option to test the plugin and it’s been working fine, however I’m having issues getting the scheduling to work.

    I’ve attached a word document with screenshots of before the scheduled tweet fires, and after, and as you can see, when the tweet is scheduled, it shows as next, the cron is set to running, the queue has a tweet in it and as far as I can tell everything looks fine. The before screenshots also shows the log with only one entry.

    After the scheduled time, the log doesn’t have anything in it, no email is received, no tweet is sent, and the Next tweet says not set. It’s as though the schedule is being fired but it’s not actually doing anything. If I do a Tweet Now from the same queue, it sends it out. It’s just the schedule that’s not working.

    The health check indicates no issues.

    Tweet Wheel
    WordPress Installation
    Home URL http://airfryer.cooking
    Site URL http://airfryer.cooking
    WP Multisite No
    WP Version 4.8.1
    WP Cron Enabled
    Server Environment
    Web Server LiteSpeed
    cURL Module Installed

    Any ideas? I’m happy for you to log in and have a look but i’m not sure how to make a post private.

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    Geoff Leff

    LOL.. I give up. I’ve literally sent about 30 tweets via schedule throughout the day and didn’t get one single tweet, email, or log update.

    I typed up the support ticket and submitted it only to have it suddenly start working. It seems to be a little flakey but i’ll keep a close eye on it and see if I can work out what it’s doing. I’m not sure if there’s timouts happening, or whether it’s a cronjob issue.

    One thing I just noticed though is there appears to be a delay with the scheduled tweet being fired and the cronjob actioning the request. I’m thinking the cronjob runs every 15 minutes.

    Not sure why it was failing but i’ll keep a close eye on it.


    Geoff Leff

    There must have been some weird thing going on today because it seems to be working now. I’ll mark the ticket as resolved. I’ll let you know if it starts to fail again.



    Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for all your messages.

    Just a piece of information, which might explain delays in publishing. Our plugin uses native WP Cron built-in into every WordPress installation. It’s a recurring events handler, which only triggers when your website gets a visit (no traffic = no tweets). Meaning that if you set a tweet to go out at 3:15 PM, but you won’t get any visit up until 3:18 PM, the tweet will just sit there until that time and get published with a 3 minutes delay. Does it make sense?

    Plus, the recurring event, which comes with our plugin, runs every 5 minutes to prevent from slowing down our lovely users’ websites. It’s just another variable element in the equation, which might slightly offset the expected publish date by a few minutes your end.

    Any issues, please do shout. Always happy to help.



    Geoff Leff

    Hi Tomasz,

    Thanks for the great explanation. It would certainly explain the delays. I was receiving visitors yesterday during the day though and I wasn’t having delay issues, it just wasn’t sending anything for a good portion of the day. Things only started working in the evening.

    Seems to be working okay at the moment though. Very strange.

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