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    Hi Tomasz,

    Wanted to follow-up to let you know Tweet Wheel has been working perfectly and no old tweets have been published … thank you again. This plugin is really awesome.

    One issue I have been having is that the Queues only shows up in my username dashboard. The other person in my office that updates the site doesn’t have access and has the same administrator privileges as I do.

    If you still have the previous credentials to get into the backend of the site feel free to look for yourself. The username that needs access to the Queues is “jstallard”.

    Thanks again
    Patrick Merlihan
    The Observer



    Hi Patrick,

    I am very glad to hear we have the core issue sorted and that you are happily twheeling!

    I think you might have a found a little bug in the plugin, which I will aim to patch with the next update that is looming around the corner.

    Meanwhile, I managed to sort permissions with a use of a little plugin. I’ve logged in as jstallard and could see the Queues tab in the menu.

    Let me know if the issue is sorted for your end, too.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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