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    Your plugin appears to be just what I need, and with there being so many different once, I prefer to see if it works in the free versions before purchasing if possible.

    From what I read it seems that Tweetwheel does work in the free version, however after setting it up, it is not posting any links.

    The schedule shows the when the next tweet will happen but when that time passes, no tweets are showing.

    I have read through the documentation and forum and everything appears to be in order.

    Can you check it out?
    It all could be due to having a listing site and not a regular blog site. How can I send you the login?



    Hey there,

    Great to hear from you and sorry about your problem!

    I am not sure what to advise if you have read all the forums and the docs! I will briefly touch on headlines to see if you haven’t missed anything πŸ™‚

    1. Make sure cron task is setup. You can install a plugin called WP Crontrol to verify that. If all is right you should see “tweet_wheel_tweet” recurring event installed”
    2. Does your website get regular visits? WP Cron which is running our plugin’s schedule requires visits to your website in order to work
    3. Have you used Activity Date Span field? If so, can I ask you to delete values from those fields, please? There seems to be a bug we are aware of
    4. What happens when you click “Tweet Now”? Does the tweet goes live?

    We are happy to have a look around your WP admin panel. Feel free to reply with login details in a private reply (tick a checkbox against the response text area).



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    Hey there!

    Just a quick question. Your queue is completely empty. Have you removed all the posts from it before I dived in or have you missed it?

    I’m referring to this page http://shitsandgiggs.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=twp_queues&queue=140&tab=posts.

    Let me know as this seems like a missing piece of a puzzle!



    Okay, no I was missing that.

    I think I was confused by the setting up queues from this: Free users are limited to one queue and it’s created for them automatically” which I was unsure of what to do with the queues or keyword section.

    I clicked the bulk and all the Listings appeared, then saw the Tweet Now button and proceeded to tweet one. I believe it all is in order now and again I think this is the perfect plugin. I will let it work for a week or so then upgrade to the Pro. I have a couple other sites for this plugin as well.

    Thanks for the great support!!!



    Glad that everything has worked out! I will mark this ticket as resolved, but if you have any more questions please get in touch! πŸ˜€

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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