A single queue screen
Compact queues view for easier shuffling
Advanced scheduling - weekly or at specific dates
Fill a queue in with an individual posts - search directly from the queue screen
Use bulk loader to fill queues in with multiple posts
A single queue's settings
Useful log keeping you in the loop
Fill queues in from the post type list screen
Plugin's general settings integration page
License activation page
Health check screen to make sure plugin works fine
Add a new queue screen
Bulk enqueue from the post list screen
Create many templates for each post to avoid sounding robotic and check best header for your content
Tweet-on-demand - just tick a box, fill the template in and off you go whenever needed
Tweet settings on the single post edit screen - enqueue the post, attach featured image and change templates order

Due to the rapid nature of software development, the current version of Tweet Wheel may differ slightly from what is shown.

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