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13 votes

Support multiple Twitter accounts

Not sure whether on queue or post basis, but it would be awesome to tweet to many Twitter accounts at the same time. Even better if it allowed various templates for each account.

12 votes

Restore the automated queueing up newly published posts

It used to queue up automatically, but since 2.0 the feature has been left out. It would be good to have it back.

11 votes

Attach images per template

Rather than being restricted to one and the featured image only, it would be good to have an option to upload custom images per tweet template.

8 votes

Fill a queue up with posts from certain category

Right now I have to do it via the bulk actions after I had filtered posts using WordPress built-in search features.

7 votes

Ability to edit tweet templates directly on the Queue screen

Instead of going into the Edit Post screen, it would be good to do it on the Queue screen. Sounds more efficient.

6 votes

Other social networks!

Really love this plugin! Would love to be able to use it for Facebook as well… If you could add Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest too, I would be a lifetime buyer for sure!

5 votes

Crop post title to make sure tweet goes out if it’s too long

Atm the tweet is being skipped if it’s too long. I could live with a shortened title as long as it gets out on time.

3 votes

Possibility to tag Twitter users on the image

How cool does that sound? 😀

3 votes

Tweet template should be custom per Queue

Although it is currently possible to have the template overriden by individual posts, it may be even more beneficial for each Queue to have its own template.

2 votes

Allow unique default tweet templates per queue

I would want queues to have different default templates as they all use independent sets of hashtags. Now i have to create custom tweet templates to achieve the effect, which is a bit cumbersome.

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