Changes in Twitter Apps and How They Affect Us 3 years ago

Fact: to use our plugin you need your own Twitter app created at But things are changing…

You might have heard about significant alterations in Twitter apps. From the 28th of July 2018, you are required to apply for a developer account to create an app thus to use our product. We don’t like it. Our mission has always been to make sure the product is as user-friendly as possible, and that it takes the shortest amount of your time to set it up. The recent developments in Twitter policy work against what we believe in.

That’s why we have been working hard for the past few days on a workaround, which would bring back the one-click Twitter authorisation to your Tweet Wheel and completely discard the need to fiddle around with any techy stuff. Our first customers might remember the feature being part of the initial product, but it ended up as a nightmare because bad guys used our credentials to get the app banned in Twitter, which resulted in an immediate halt in your queue’s schedules. We don’t want the history to repeat itself this time.

In the upcoming week or two, we will be releasing an update to Tweet Wheel, which will introduce huge changes around how the plugin contacts Twitter. Long story short, we are building a relay server, which will monitor, verify and submit tweets to Twitter on your behalf. Thanks to this middle-man entity, we are able to control the traffic that reaches Twitter and ensures we comply with Twitter Automation Rules and Terms of Use.


Tweet Wheel -> Twitter


Tweet Wheel -> Our Relay Server -> Twitter

Another reason to be proud of the change is we’ll be the first Twitter integrated WordPress plugin to feature such convenience to its users!

Hopefully, this improvement will get you back on your feet right away and let you enjoy Tweet Wheel at it’s fullest.

Thank you for patience and should you have any questions, please let me know.

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