Tweet Wheel 3.0 Progress Update - 07/08/2017 4 years ago

Hey everyone,

We’ve been so busy with revamping your favourite plugin that we forgot to update you on the progress. Oops!

So far, we’ve concluded the planning & designing phase. We have considered every feature request and improvements that you all have suggested (thank you!). This is a great milestone, which brings us closer to the release of the new Tweet Wheel. Sorry to tease you, but here are the new bits that you can expect:

  • an overhaul of an existing interface bringing in more pleasant and intuitive experience when working with the plugin
  • custom tweets (not related to the WordPress content)
  • multiple Twitter accounts
  • queue-oriented settings e.g. default tweet templates per queue rather than global applying to all queues
  • tweet templates editing on the queue screen rather than on the post edit screen
  • image attachments per template
  • far better and simplified scheduling
  • an option to append UTM tags to links
  • installation wizard to help you set yourself up in no time
  • dashboard with a handful of useful widgets
  • a better process of enqueuing posts
  • possibility to auto enqueue posts that are scheduled to go live in the future
  • additional link shortening services
  • much more…

If this doesn’t pull you in, we don’t know what else would! We are very excited about the upcoming changes and hopefully so are you. The next steps is to get our hands dirty and actually code the interface and new functionality from the scratch. We aim to have the plugin finished and ready to go live by the end of this year.

We promise to keep you updated more often, too 🙂

Talk soon!

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