Hashtag analytics are getting revamped 5 years ago

Dear Twheelers,

Hashtag analytics have been part of Tweet Wheel for quite some time now. While you were enjoying all the benefits, we were adjusting the script in the background to deliver more and more accurate statistics. We truly believe this is a great tool and it certainly helps you to decide on which hashtags to use to make the most out of each tweet.

Regrettably, we have arrived at a conclusion that it isn’t of the quality we would like it to be. We want you to have access to only top-shelf solutions within your WordPress dashboard. We are of an opinion that the current provision of the analytics just don’t cut it. For this very reason we will be disabling the functionality at the end of this month. We will also release an updated version of the plugin to prevent any errors and surprises while you create your content.

It doesn’t mean it is permanent. We simply want to put all the resources on the plugin overhaul task that is described here and come back to the analytics side of the project with a fresh perspective.

If there are any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for understanding.

Tomasz, Founder


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