Why We Have Moved Away From CodeCanyon 6 years ago

You might have noticed that Tweet Wheel Pro is no longer available on CodeCanyon. That’s correct. Rest assured we dedicated plenty of time to think this decision thoroughly to find a way to handle our existing customers in the most respectful manner possible.

The reason being we don’t feel Envato provides Tweet Wheel Pro proper grounds to grow and expand. Due to limitations such as lack of control over price in case we wanted to offer discounts or bundles, no retina support for listing’s graphics undermining plugin’s quality, no built-in support system forcing us to use external provider and justify costs with our own pockets and a bit cumbersome approach to refunds we decided to take this into our own hands and provide the product outside of the Envato Marketplace.

We will make sure the transition is as smooth as possible and if you have any questions please let us know. Below we answer questions you might have.

What about the paid support?

We will carry on providing help to paid customers until their purchased support time expires. Please be aware if you would like to keep receiving prioritised support, you are kindly asked to open a new ticket here for further instructions. Due to the move away from Envato you will be required to exchange your item purchase code* from CodeCanyon to a new key used in the new licensing system. Get in touch and we will sort you out easily.

What about the plugin updates?

Updates will be provided via new licensing system until your purchased support time expires. You will need to exchange item purchase code* for a new key used in the new licensing system. Please open a ticket here to obtain further instructions.

How do I know if my support has expired?

In 90% of cases if you do not pay additional fee for the extended support it will end within 6 months from the purchase date. You can find it on your receipt from Envato or look in your Downloads tab in your account for details regarding support expiration date.

If you are in the remaining 10% of customers who’ve paid extra for the extended support it will be honoured respectively and your new license key will reflect longer support access.

Where can I get the plugin from?

We’ve launched a new website where you will be able to obtain most up-to-date copy of the plugin and renew license in the future. The new website address in https://tweet-wheel.com/

Why the change in price?

Rapid premium support, paid third party integrations (like hashtag analytics) inside the plugin and on-going improvements based on clients’ feedback cost us lots of time. Hopefully we proved our commitment being constantly available to help you out through the support tickets, Twitter or any other channels. We also keep adding features that our lovely community requests. We believe in our product and we want it to grow to size where you can completely sit back and enjoy your Twitter marketing running itself. To achieve this we need resources. We hope for your understanding.

OK. Can you just sum up all changes, please?

Sure! Have a look at the list below:

  • support will be provided through the new website https://tweet-wheel.com/
  • to get access to future updates and premium support at the link above you need to exchange your item purchase code* to a new one in our own licensing system – to do that please open a new ticket here for further instructions
  • once this is done you will be able to download plugin from our new website from a link available in your own account and renew license when its due

Should you have any questions, please shout and we will be more than happy to assist you to the best of our ability.

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